Tang Dynasty Music & Dance Dinner Show

Tang Dynasty Palace renovated with a new daily show!
Read the story of "Empress of the Great Tang".

The show takes you to a magical journey through the ancient and prosperous Tang Dynasty in Chang'an. Currently known as Xi'an at the heart of the Shaanxi province. The story is told through impressive acting, dance and singing accompanied by a live traditional orchestra. This performance is a visual feast that represents beauty extending as far as the Silk Road itself.

The large auditorium includes a modern performance stage, as well as a premier Cantonese restaurant. The performance is made to satisfy all of the senses, incluging taste, sight and sound to which the theatre owns it's tremendous success as a major tourist attraction in Xian. When you are looking for things to do in Xian, the Tang Dynasty Show cannot be missed!

Tang Dynasty Palace was founded in 1988, the year of it's constructed and remains the most culturally significant Chinese performing arts stage in Xi'an.

Tang Dynasty Show in Photos - Part 1

Tang Dynasty Palace

  • Address: No.75, North
    Chang'an Road, Xi'an, China
  • Phone: (+86)1555-2589-030