Empress of the Great Tang: The Story

Shaanxi Tourism Corporation presents China’s first Tang Dynasty dance and music show: "Empress of the Great Tang". The story is based on the life of the famous historical figure in China: Empress Wu Ze-tian of the Tang Dynasty(618-907 CE). — Premiered in July of 2016.

The Story

Empress Wu was born in 624 CE and became a concubine of the Taizong Emperor when she was only 14 years old. After Taizong died, she was sent to a Buddhist monastery to be a nun for several years until she was called back to the palace by the new emperor Gaozong who was then the crown prince that she had befriended when she was in the palace. Years of living in the palace had made her tough and smart. With her wisdom, talents and persistence, she managed to become the first wife of the emperor soon and in 690 CE eventually ascended the throne to be the empress in her own right after her husband died.

With a classical Chinese live orchestra and a state-of-art stage design, this five-part dance and music show will bring back to us the legendary Empress Wu Ze-tian and the glory and splendor of the Great Tang Empire.

The Synopsis

Act 1 - The Beauty to be Chosen. The bell rings, the drum beats and the bugle trumpets; and the palace gate opens. The Tang Emperor descends from his dais. Wu Ze-tian, also known as Mei-niang, awaits in prostration to meet the emperor, the man who will change her life.

Act 2 - Breaking into the Wende Hall without Permission The beautiful and elegant Wu Mei-niang practices dancing in the moonlight. Out of curiosity she takes the mask down. All of sudden the emperor arrives and she is caught facing the anger of his majesty.

Act 3 - The Battlefield The Tang Emperor fights bravely in the battle and suddenly the enemy shoots arrows towards the emperor. Mei-niang uses her own body to protect the emperor from the rain of arrows.

Act 4 - The Palace Intrigue The emperor’s love has brought Mei-niang with jealousy, smear and slander of all kinds. All of these have made the naive young girl to become tough. She has to fight her way to survive and ultimately to the throne.

Act 5 - Ascending the Throne. On the first day of the first month of 690 CE, in the solemn music and percussion, with colorful auspicious clouds in the sky, Empress Wu Ze-tian receives blessings and cheers of her thousands of subjects to ascend the throne to become the Empress.

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