Terms & Conditions

Payment, Cancellation & Change Policy

The following policy applies to all Show Xian booking services, including those on it's partnering websites: ShowXian.com & XianTangDynastyShow.com


Whenever applicable, the price of tickets is to be paid in advance upon the time of booking. This will confirm your seat reservation for the venue.
The currency used for payments is USD dollar — the final amount to be paid per person for each type of ticket is shown on the booking form and includes all surchages and taxes. The price of transfer is separetely listed on the booking page.

All payments are made through a secure PayPal payment system, which accepts all major credit & debit cards.

Please note! An account or registration with PayPal services is not needed.

Collecting of Tickets

For advanced payments — tickets can be collected at the show entrance or ticket window before the show starts by showing the reservation to the theatre personnel.


If you cancel your show booking more than 24 hours before the show starts, you will be guaranteed a full refund of the deposit payment. In the case of late cancelation, please contact us as soon as possible and we will compencate the loss whenever possible. — note that cancellations are only valid if confirmed.

Changes to Booking

Contact us as soon as possible to inform any change, amendment or addition to your pre-existing booking. To change the booking to another date, contact us at least six hours before your booked show starts. Please note that availability cannot be guaranteed and if another suitable date is not available you are subject to cancellation terms.

Please show your courtesy, and contact us as soon as possible concerning cancellation or delay of arrival to your booking. In this way, we can continue to bring the best service possible for everyone. Thank you for your understanding.

Regards, Show Xian Staff.

This policy has been last updated on September 13th 2016

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